Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bowling, Boo Boos Like Daddy & COLLEGE for Me

{Sorry for the grainy quality. My lil point and shoot was set to High ISO in order to capture these photos in such dim light!}

Last night we went bowling. My hub was trying to cheer me up. Why you ask? Well, the little boy I watch during the day is getting another sitter. Well, Nanny, actually. His mom wants someone who can watch him and clean up for her while she is at work.(she is a Kindergarten teacher) Plus, her hubby is deploying very soon and it would be a better fit for their family.

I must admit that I cried. I am so sad about it, which sort of surprised me. Now, Ive watched a lot of kids in my years, so I figured letting go would be no biggie. Well, I've earned this little mans trust. He likes me. I make funny faces and he laughs at me. He actually wants me to hold him. {In the beginning he wanted nothing to do with me.} My Hailey loves loves loves him! I kid you not. The two weeks over Christmas break {where I didn't gave him} she asked for him almost everyday.

"Mama...Baby Roydal?" ( his name is Royal and thats how she says his name..)

I am sure she will adjust, but it will not be easy. I'm just gald I got to get to know him and his mom and dad. I know we will still see him for playdates {once in a while} so it won't be tooo bad.


This was Zach and Hailey's first time bowling. Mikey went once before with his friend Gabe back when we were stationed in Kansas. The kids had a blast. Mikey, as always, was super hard on himself and kept getting upset that Z was winning. {how the heck Z won is beyond points, the ball seemed like it was going to stop in the middle of the lane, it was going soooo slow! ha!}

MMMM! The bowling alley pizza was da bomb!!!

{"What, mom? Im trying to eat here!}

{"Oh yea, there's my ball!"}


Mikey bustin' out some serious moves!!!




Mikey with some more moves!



This is Hailey sleeping with her Boo Boo foot. Well, not really. There's no boo boo. Daddy had an ace bandage he brought home from the ER and Hailey found it and brought it to hub. He wrapped her foot with it and refused to take it off~~

for two days.

Ya, no joke. She's so stinkin cute!

Look at her smiling1 Must be dreaming about that baby of hers. She loves that lil baby. {who has no official name. When asked what the baby's name is, she says "Baby."}

I am looking into going back to school to become an RN {Registered Nurse, folks.} Since Michael ETS'(gets out) in 2 years from the Army, I decided that doing daycare just wasn't the right thing for me in the"civilian" world. Yes, I know that technically I am a civilian, but I am still a part of the militaty lifestyle......

I don't think that daycare will be nearly as booming as it is here on post, and frankly, the pay isn't great for the importance of the job and the dedication it requires. Soooo, I went back to plan B.

Or was it C?  D possibly?!?!?!
I wanted to be an RN wayyy back in the good ol' highschool days, but put those dreams on hold once I had my kids. Now, I want to set a good example for them. because unlike me,{who had the choice on weather or not I would attend college} my children will NOT have that option. They all will go to college right out of HS. I just turned 28 and am going back for my AA then my BA in Nursing. Starting "over" now, at my age, is well......


Don't get me wrong...I'm excited and proud as hell of myself for "taking the leap" but it would have been nicer if I pulled my head out of my pa-tootie yearssss ago!
When the hubs gets out, we will be moving to GA.{close to both of our families!}

I am in the admission process now and will begin studying for the COMPASS test for placement in a few days. I plan to take the test in February or March and online classes start end of may. Then once we get to GA, I can just transfer to the university since the online classes are given by the same college.
So thats whats been going on round these parts! Tons of info, I know. but at least it makes up a good post, right?!?! LOL!

Anyways, take it easy and I'll see you all again real soon!



Aubrey Anne said...

Holy cow!!! This is so exciting! I'm sorry about the little boy you are going to miss :( I still miss your little boys!!! And Hailey is SO huge and adorable! How is she that old already??

I'm way proud of you for going back to school! It's NOT embarrassing, it's exciting! I'm finally going to school, too, and I'll be 27 this year. It's not a big deal, and it definitely makes me feel good to be doing it - finally!

Georgia is not close to ME, though, so that sucks. :)

Cartoon Characters said...

You are the perfect age to go back to school for your RN...good for you! All the best! :)
It's a good career to have (after going thru 33plus years of it)!