About Us

  Our Family  We are a happy family of 5.My husband and I have been married for nine years and have been together for ten.We were having some issues in our marriage, and separated for a while. We have done a lot of soul searching and talking and have decided that we have way to much to lose. We love each other and just have to remember that..even when we wanna kill each other LOL! 
We have three amazing kids. Our oldest, Mikey, is the sweet,sensitive type. He has a heart of gold. Zachary, the middle child, is a very funny kid! He has the best little personality ever and can make me laugh all the time!(even when he's getting in trouble for something-sometimes I can't help it! Then we come to our youngest...Hailey. She is The Princess and lets everyone know it!!! She is (so far) the most laid back out of them all. Michael and I have wanted a girl forever and God finally granted our wish. She's our little diva and proud of it!! We are an Army family. My husband is a SGT. and just got back from Iraq on tour number two.Its a very hard life but also very rewarding as well. I am proud of my husband,the United States and our family. We have just come back from Baumholder, Germany {June2011} and loved it! Michael will be medically retired soon and we will be buying our forever home in GA once we are both settled into our careers. {Me-LPN then RN} {him-biomedical engineering!}

About Me
Well where to start...I am a New Englander at heart.I was born and rasied in Connecticut. I am a family person and would rather hang around with them doing nothing then be out and about all the time. Some of the things I love are: cooking. decorating,cleaning,photography,scrapbooking, make-up,nailpolish,shopping, running(a recent love) having movie night with my love, water-fights and storytime. I love tucking my kids in at night( and no not just because it will be mommy time..lol) I am amazed at how I can see my kids growing up monthly and I try to "savor the flavor" before its gone!(lol) I am a real person. What you see is what you get. I hate fakeness and can sniff out phony people a mile away. I am very organized and appreciate people who are early wherever they go!( i HATE tardiness) I love flowers(lilacs are my favorite...hint hint hub) and the color purple(oh ok and pink and black too)I am a girly-girl and love all that goes along with it. I throw people off because I can hang with the guys too! I'm not the prissy type. Hmm..i guess I rambled on enough for now. Anything else you want to know, just ask!!!

I am a newly licensed CNA and HHA am sooooo proud of myself for accomplishing this goal! Next step LPN then RN!

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