My Bucket List

( Items in RED are things I have done!) 
{Items in Blue are in progress}

1.Chase tornados with the pros up a small bakery/restraut with my hub

3.Ride in a hot air balloon 

4.Scuba dive 

5. Go to Paris, France three times. 
A. Go with just my mom 
B. Go with the whole family 
C. Go with just my hub 

6.Be able to say my career is a Photographer 

7.Go to College 

8.Help women and children who have suffered from Domestic violence 

9.Snorkle in the Bahamas 

10.Go on a cruise 

11.Ride a motorcycle 

12.Have a beautiful all glass greenhouse in my backyard with all types of amazing flowers 

13. have a vacation house near Mt. rainier, WA

14. Buy/build our "forever home" 

15. See friends from our different duty stations at least once a year. 

16.Start drawing again 

17. Frame some of my photography and display it in our home (something other then the kids!) 

18.Buy a Super Nintendo with all the cool games (Mario and Donkey Kong) 

19. Volunteer at a soup kitchen 

20. Run a 5k 

21. Run a half marathon 

22.Open up my own Photography Studio and have it be a success. 

23.Become a certified Photoshop instructor 

24. Voulnteer at the ASPCA ( or an animal shelter) 

25. Learn how to dance 

26.Join a volleyball team 

27. learn how to ice skate 

28. Learn how to drive stick. 

29.Go white water rafting 

30.Learn how to box 

31.Go to the Opera 

32.Go jet skiing 

33.Visit the wreck of the Titanic in a submarine 

34.Go on a real pirate ship and meet real pirates 

35.Go parasailing 

36.Go on a tree top tour 

37.Shoot a gun 

38.See the Northern Lights 

39. Visit the Vatican in Rome 

40.Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt 

41.Visit Norte Dame Cathedral in Paris 

42.Go to Oktoberfest 

43. Learn how to cook at least 4 authentic German Meals. 

44. Participate in La Tomatina in Valencia ,Spain ( a big tomato fight) 

45. Go to Times Square for New Years Eve 

46. Go to New York in Spring or Fall 

47.See the leaning Tower of Piza 

48. Make pottery 

49.Construct furniture (bookshelves) 

50. Learn how to sew 

51.Build a habitat for Humanity home 

52. Go to a big Casino 

53. Collect a few expensive works of Art 

54. Sleep in a castle 

55.Go on a week long spa retreat with Selena 

56. Try Yoga 

57.Create a trust fund for my kids 

58.Open a Swiss Bank Account 

59.Swim with the Dolphins 

60.Go whale watching 

61. Go on a safari 

62.See Monkeys in the wild 

63.Watch Sea turtles hatch and run for the ocean 

64. Own a king size canopy bed 

65. Spend the whole day reading magizines 

66.Find inner peace 

67.See a psychic 

68. Sleep in a Haunted House 

69.Go to a PINK and Gaga concert 

70.Take my hub to a Pro Golf tournament 

71. Try real balsamic vinegar (from Modena or Reggio Emilia in Italy). 

72.Eat at Ithaa restaurant, Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa, Maldives (underwater restraunt)

73.Trace my ancestry 

74. Create a cookbook with Family recipes to be passed on to my kids when I die. 

75.Buy and read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.