Sunday, January 2, 2011

Maui is BRAVE, New Year's Eve Video & Spongebob in German

Maui is my mom's cat. But we have now claimed her as ours! {sorry ma!}  My mom thinks she was abused. She is very skittish. She has made huge strides since she's been with us.

Need proof?

Look---------hub and maui

She avoided Michael like the plague forever.  But look now! She jumped up on his lap on her own!!!!! She's not a chicken cat {too much} anymore! Michael is soooo happy. He's been trying to earn her trust the whole 9 months we've been here! Yay!

Spongebob in German! Awesome!

{AufWeidersehen means goodbye and Chooose ( rhymes with juice) means C ya later}

This is the sight out of my laundry room window on New Years Eve, right after midnight! It was awesome! Fireworks galore!!!!


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