Monday, May 14, 2012

Three months?

 How is it possible that it has been three months since I last posted?!? I can't believe that. Hmmm, where to begin. I suppose with the kids. Everyone is doing great! Zachary has officially learned all his Kindergarten sight words and has moved on to learning his first grade words.  He also has his first loose tooth!! He is beyond excited.Mikey is doing amazing in school also. All A's and B's on his last interim. {this has been his pattern since the start of school!!} my little princess is her normal bouncy self....except she's getting antsy about the move. What move, you may ask? Well, I don't remember if I told you all or not, but we are moving up to GA! Michael and I thought he would be out of the Army {medically retired} by now, but it looks like it could be anywhere from 5-8 more months. :( We found and locked down {paid the deposit} for our rental house.

 Kitchen, 1 bedroom, straight back is the bathroom and behind the stove wall is the laundry room. In front of the breakfast bar would be where our dining table goes....   

One of the 3 bedrooms. This is only half of the room! The bedrooms are HUGE!
Part of the living room. Fireplace!!! :) Those two windows are on the front of the house. 

The house! It's a triplex. We were very lucky because it's a month to month rental because we will be looking for our forever house once we get settled in. Also, Michael's cousin, his wife and kids live to doors down! It's going to be GREAT for the kids to have their cousins so close! 

Hmmm, what next? I know. My work. It's been wonderful at Home Instead Senior Care! My client is moving to an assisted living apartment, so she had decided to stop using my company. :( I haven't been with her for about 3 weeks now and I miss her. Ya ya, I may be too attached, but I think that my genuine care and concern for people is what will make me a good nurse! I put in my two weeks notice just a few hours ago. It's definitely a bittersweet moment.

Here's a few pictures since the last time I posted.

 Hailey totally trusts her Mikey!

                                          Hailey & my brother, Tim-she thinks he's funny!
                                                    Hailey and her Aunt Bubby...Awww!
                                                        Daddy came to visit April 17-27
                                                              Fishing with Uncle Tim

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny little polka dot bikini...

She entertained herself for a good 15 minutes doing this :)

 My Z going all the way under the water. He HATES water on his face for some reason so this is a HUGE deal for him! I'm so proud! :)

Mother's Day, we went out with my mom, grandma and her boyfriend on their boat.  We had sooo much fun. Here's a few pics from the day!

Leaving the inlet
                                                          Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Well, now that you are all caught up......;)
Thanks for stopping by. I'm surprised I have any readers still!
Till next time----

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