Sunday, November 6, 2011

Im A CNA Baby!!!!!

Yes, it's official! As of Saturday, yours truly is a Certified Nursing Assistant!!! I was soooo nervous about taking the State test, but I did GREAT! In 2 weeks I will have a license number but I can work now as long as I show my pass results to an employer.  Yipeeeee! Hopefully this certification will make job hunting a tad bit easier......

School starts in January. Registration is on the 11 of this month..or the 10th??? (guess I better double check!) Im super excited!! In a way, I am really grateful for this separation. Most of it I dont like, but I dont think I would have ever gotten to this point in my head had Michael and I stayed together without taking a break. I was in MOM MODE totally. I didnt know who I was anymore, let alone a wife. I had a big part in the crappy-ness of our marriage as well as Michael did.

We have decide that we will work things out. Divorce is not an option. We both have agreed to try to see each other as allies, not someone who is out to get the other. We both get defensive wayyy too easily and thats when the walls go up and the communication goes down.....

6 weeks and he will be down here visiting again for Xmas. 3-5 MONTHS and he will be out for good! Then he is coming down here and we are going to determine whats going to happen from there.....we both don't want to spend forever in FL (we LOVE fall) so we are exploring our options as to where our forever home may be.

This thing called life is a crazy journey. Im trying to soak in all the learning. Man, its crazy. I look forward to the day when God explains it all.....and it will make perfect sense.

Till next time------------

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Aubrey Anne said...

Congratulations, Jen! That's awesome!!! And I'm glad you guys are going to give it a shot. I hope it works out for the best for you guys!! It's hard breaking down those walls, but sometimes it's completely worth it.