Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am not a Blogger anymore---

And its KILLING me!! I cannot believe its been a little more then 2 months since I last posted! Sigh. Thats what happens when your laptops battery kicks the can and it costs $100 to replace it. :(  Broke battery + no job= no blogging. I do have good news. I had a job interview at Home Instead Senior Care. They are waiting for my background check to come in, but I feel like the job is mine once it comes in!! The interview went well and they already called my references (SIX!!) I called this past Monday and they still have no gotten it in. :( Ahhh, hurry up and wait. Its my lifes motto! LOL.

Good news, Ive finally gotten a test date for my CNA!!! Nov. 5th is the big day. Ive been studying my booty off! Im nervous and so excited at the same time!

Mikey got ALL A's and B's on his first report card! YIPEE! Im sooo proud of him!! Zachary did good too, but we have been having issues with talking and not listening at school......yeah.

Michael came down to visit the end of august until mid sept. it was like normal. we were a family. Since then, he has committed again to our marriage. When he gets out of the Army on medical retirement { Feb-June 2012} he will be coming down here and we will be back in action. I know a lot of people think im crazy or making the wrong decision but we have been through so much together. we love each other. We just need to learn to handle things differently and more maturely.

I am just about all signed up for school in January. Im just waiting on my HS transcripts making their way to the college. Sooooo once they get there, 4 weeks from that day, my financial aid should be awarded. Nov 11 is the start of registration. Im excited. I have to take a prep math class {bc I suck at Algebra} but I am on college level for my english and reading! Not bad for being out of school for almost 11 years! ;)

Looking forward to Trick or Treating on Monday nite. Haileys going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Zachy is going to be The white power ranger { a tiger i think??} and Mikey is BumbleBee from Transformers! Should be fun!

Anyways, that was a super quick update. Sorry. KNow that I miss all you in blogland and i hope I still have some followers. LOL Bear with me......I will have a computer again in a few months! {Im on my brothers rite now!}

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