Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can April 5th PLEASE Hurry Up and Get here?!?!


Simple. That's the day my hubby is going to the Dr. to *hopefully* get the med board process started. Once she signs the paperwork, more paperwork will begin, but bottom like is, we could be in GA by mid-may....


Let's hope all goes well with her. Im a bit worried about her pushing his status to  "not with army standards medically". See, she tried new operations on his ankles, and was doing this big old write up on it in some medical book....yea. Her changing his status would mean that her new surgery did not work.

{Which it didn't. He still has pain in his ankle and limps a little when he walks.}

So thats why I am nervous. Plus, his caseworker found out that hid dr. has not been documenting his pain each time he goes in for a check up. So, on paper, it looks like the surgery fixed his problem ankles.


He rolled one two times already...and that was post surgery!!! Obviously, not fixed. Also, his physical therapist said he can rotate them inward way further then what is considered "normal" and that they surgery should have corrected the alignment problem.


In the meantime, we are continuing getting the FOREVER HOUSE ball rolling. Looking for some. Gotta call the lender soooon.

I will keep y'all updated!!!

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