Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where Oh Where Could She Be???

Right here! Thats right friends. Im BACK! Honestly, I haven't had much desire to blog lately. Shocker, I know. I dunno whats up. But for now, I am here.

Whats new???

Besides the whole Scarlet Fever episodes we have been having around here and the squashing of my college dreams, not much has been happening.

Yes, I did say Scarlet Fever.

Yes, I did say I have had my college dreams squashed...but only temporarily.

About a week ago, my Z got a fever. It came on suddenly and rose fast. Next was the itchy, bumpy, sandpaper-like rash all over his stomach, back, arms and face. I felt sooo bad for him. We took him to our peditrician {who is fabUlous btw} and he said it was in fact SF. Of course. come to find out, the school knew that this was going around and said nothing to notify parents. Booo to that! So he put him on some Amoxicillian and cured that bad boy in about a week.

A week later. Mikey starts complaining that his throat hurts. No fever, but.....dun dun dun-----

a rash. Not just any old rash either. It was that same itchy sandpaper-like bugger that nailed my Zachy. Off to the {worlds best} Peditrician again. Confirmed. Scarlet fever. Blek. You have got to be kidding me! He is now on Amoxicillian as well. He has probably 5 more days left and he should be CURED!

Cured Cured MY BABYS CURED!!!!

Bwhahahaha sorry, I couldn't contain it!!!

I asked Dr. J if Hailey was going to be next in this nasty chain of sickness. He said she shouldnt catch it because it only mostly affects older kids. I was hoping he'd say that!!! And of course, Dr. SuperMan was right. Hailey didn;t get sicky! Yipee!!!!!

Hub and I are in the clear too. Off I send the kids back to school.

Only to find out------

Theres a nasty tummy bug going around. {diarehha and vomiting included}
Really?!?!?! I though Fort Riley was bad with everyone being sick all the time! WRONG! Here in Baumholder it seems like there is a new something sprouting up every other week. I like to attribute it to the lack of Vitamin D we experience here. Ya know, good ol' SUNLIGHT!?!

To say I am ready to be CONUS {Continental United States for you non military folk}would be a huge understatement.I am ready for our forever home. Im ready to put down roots. But more importantly, I am ready to be with family. I think it's because I am getting older, that I now truely value and need my family. Sure, I love them. I always have, but now I just crave to be around my family. And my husbands family too.

My brother and his wife's baby IAN.......he's 6 months old already. And he hasn't even met his Auntie Jen yet. In his little world, Auntie Jen doesn't exist. That breaks my heart and is all I think about whenever I see a new and adorable picture of him.

Oh what, you want to see him???

OKAY!! No twisting of my arm needed!!!!

                          {Oh, btw,thanks Bry. I stole this handsome chubby fella from your FB page!}
He doesn't even know me. :(  Moving on.....
The cute fat baby side-tracked me.

Not that I want to relive this, but.......the squashing of my college dreams.


Only temporarily though.

The lady { head of my university of choice} said it would be no problem for me to take the COMPASS placement test all the way out here in Germany. This was back in January. She told me to study {learn} Algebra and let her know when I was ready. She even cooridinated it with the head of testing here.

Great. I was surprised how smoooth it went.
Flash back to a few days ago.{Monday} I emailed the head of my university and told her I was ready to take the test. She didnt even remember where I lived. I re-explained to her that hubs is AD Army and we were here in Germany. This time, she said that the COMPASS does not have an approved testing site there so we would have to think of Plan B.

Really? I have no plan B. She then asked me when we would be back to the States.

Unnn hellooooo. This is the US Army lady. Everyone knows there is never, ever EVER a set time frame to anything! So yea. I started looking around and found a community college in GA who offers an AA in Nursing. Basically, its an accellerated degree program specifically for the nurse-to-be. It offers non traditional students Guaranted admission. That's me. I'm non-traditional, baby. That's just how I roll!

They also require students to submit immunization records. How freakin cool is that??!?! Ive never heard of a college or university doing that. Maybe I live under a rock...or, ya know, Germany.
So as of now, my schooling plans are on hold. Hopefully, the head of the university and the head of the EDU center here can make it work, but if not...I will have to wait till we move home.....home. That has a nice ring to it.

As for hubby, he is recovering from having his gallbladder removed, so his Physical therapy for his ankle had to be put on hold. That means that everything was put on hold....including the medboard process. Hopefully its still a go in April, but time will tell. I know I have been doing a terrible horrible no good very bad JOB at updating and I'm sorry. I am also sorry to see that I have lost a follower. I do notice each and everyone of you that follow me. I do try to read as many of your blogs as I can. { and I do read each and every comment}

Oh well, what can you do? Can please everyone all the time, right???

So yea. Thats whats been going on 'round these here parts. Joy, huh?!?!? I hope all of you are doing well and thank you for stopping by my little blog.

Till next time. { cant promise when that will be though! {hopefully I will still have some followers.}

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