Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Golf, First Day of Kindergarten & Family Reunions

Hello my lovely readers! (thats if I still have any!) Its been wayyy to long since I have posted!!! So, today I come with an update.

First, I will start off with Zachary's first day of Kindergarten. Yes, I am aware it was 13 days ago....Im way behind on everything. And for no good reason!

He's been in for about 2 weeks now & already knows how to write his whole name! Super cool! He's a stubborn lil child and has come home with a few yellows....One for pushing a boy on the playground and one for playing in line and another one for running in class...... He will be the death of me! (im really only kidding...sort of!)


Hub finally is out of his cast and his walking boot. He is sooo happy to be better. He celebrated with golf. He hearts golf...a lot! Here are some pictures from his first 18 holes after his surgery.

                                                  My Seriously smokin' hubby!

The hubs and I were super lucky to have my mama volunteer to watch the kids so we could go out by ourselves. We went to a new golf course in Ramstein, which was surrounded by trees. The manager told us it is nicknamed Woodland Symphany because so many people hit the trees and the golf balls sound like the ball in a pinball machine. It was a very nice day. After that we went to the commissary and the BX/PX. We spent all day and most of the night out. It was a much needed break. THANKS AGAIN mama! Here are some pictures from our day at the course.
                                                              LOVE this first one!

And one for fun.......


As for the family reunion thing....Michael's family is planning one. First it was going to be in Georgia where his uncle and cousins (who are like brothers) live. Next thing we know, one of his other cousins decides to have it moved to N. Carolina. I am a bit annoyed at this because GA is close to FL where Michael's mom and brother Jesse live. Not to mention all his nieces and nephews. Also, my family is in FL. My younger brother Bryan and his wife Stephanie are having their first baby (Ian) in October. Im going to be an Aunt...well, a blood related Aunt anyways. I am not too thrilled about the idea of going to Carolina when we are making a huge trip back to the States. I'd rather spend our time with more members of both of our families.

Hubby said he wants to see who says they are going up there and who will not be going. He said if his cousins don't go up, then we will probably just end up going to GA and FL.(I'm keeping my fingers crossed, can you tell!?!?!) That's all thats going on 'round these parts. Hopefully, I will not take as long to post next time.....


Aubrey Anne said...

I love these pictures!! You are getting soooo good! Glad you guys are doing well, miss you!

Aubrey Anne said...

Oh, and Zachary is SOOOOOOO old!!!!!!!

Mackenzie said...

Great pictures! I love the one where he is centered, the tree branches are in front of him & blurred and the ball and golf club is in his hand! Great job!