Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FCC Orientation ROCKED!

Yes, folks. It was that good! The FCC director is awesome and the class only had 4 other girls in it. Im excited about that because there will be more one on one attention during our up-coming certification classes. I was given a checklist of the things that needs to be done in my house to be cleared by the FCC director. That helps tremendesly! I have to make sure that appliances are unplugged and that all cleaning supplies are 5 feet sharp things down where the kids could reach...and I have to have a themometer in the fridge and freezer.( which I dont have now)

Im wayyy more excited now then before.(if thats even possible!!)

Oh and I re-arranged the daycare play area part AGAIN. I will take pictures and add them here in a bit.....I heart it this way! LOL.

Anyways, Im off to adhere to the regulations..... :)


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