Friday, August 6, 2010

I Heart faces---Fix It Friday


 My Edit

How I Got My Edit:
1.Opened In Camera Raw
2. Set:
   recovery to +77
   Fill Light to +35
   Contrast to +25
   Clarity to +25
3.Open Image in PSE 8
4.Layer>Duplicate Layer
5. Grab healing brush tool & healed bump over eye. Dropped opacity to 80%
6.Layer>Duplicate Layer
7. Grabbed clone stamp and cloned out red speck on the tip of nose,and the crumbs on his sleeve and in his nose.
9. Run Coffeeshop Babypowder Room Action
   "smooth skin" layer--used white, soft brsuh to smooth skin on face
   "lighten skin" layer- white,soft brush and lightened skin under both eyes.
   "eye define" layer-white,soft brush to define both eyes
   "bright eyes" layer- white,soft brush  and whitened whites in both eyes.
10. Layer> Flatten
11. Run Lemon and Honey Action by Paint the Moon
12. Layer> Flatten
13. Run Pioneer Womans Seventies Action
14.. Run Coffeeshop Babypowder Room Action again and on the "define eyes" layer, use soft whiote brush, defined eyes.
15. Layer>Flatten and save!



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Buckeroomama said...

Great edit! I love the Lemon and Honey action you ran. :)