Friday, July 23, 2010

I Heart Faces---Fit It Friday!

      It's been a while since Ive participated in Fix it Friday over at  I Heart Faces  but I am sooooo glad I found the time today. I was having withdrawls! Head on over and see more fixes along with load and load of creativity!!!                                             

                                                                Here is the ORIGINAL
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

                                              and here is MY EDIT

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Here is how I got my edit:

1.Opened image in Camera RAW
   Temp to +20
   Tint to negative 15
   Contrast to negative 39
   Clarity to + 10
   Vibrance to negative 35

3. Opened image in PSE 8

4.Run Vanilla Pop Action ( I cannot remember who its from...*sniff*)
   Grab Move Tool and drag vanilla pop layer to the original image. Drop opacity for Layer 1 to 68% and line up the two images. Put opacity back up too 100% Change Mode to Soft Light.

5. Layer> Flatten

6. Run Pioneer Woman's Define Sharp Action. Drop opacity of that layer to 60%.

7. Layer>Flatten

8. Run Lemon and Honey Action ( by same creator of Vanilla Pop action)
   Layer>Flatten (discard hidden images)
   Grab Move Tool and drag to original image. Again, drop opacity to line up the two images. Once lined up, put opacity back up to 100%.

9. Layer>Flatten

10. Layer> Duplicate Layer

11. Grab Burn tool
   set size to 91 px
   exposure- 75%
Burn (darken) grass and poles, but leave area around girls un-burned. (gives a glow effect to them)
 * Drop opacity of Copy layer to 90%

12. Layer>Flatten

13.Run Coffee Shop Babypowder Room Action
   "smooth skin"layer-using white, soft 22 px brush set at 68% opacity, brush to smooth dkin on neck and cheek of Angie's Daughter ( girl in pink dress)
   "lighten skin" layer-using soft, white, 9 px brush with opacity of the brush set to 68%, lighten skin under eyes of both girls.
   "Eye Define" layer- using same brush and opacity settings as above steps, define eyes on both girls.

14. Layer> flatten

15.Enhance>Adjust Lighting>Shadows/Highlights
   set Lighten Shadows slider to 30% ( this will lighten the girl in the white dress' hair just a bit)

16. Image>Rotate> Flip Horizontal

17. File>Save



Julie said...

Nice! I like it flipped. BTW the kids in your blog header are adorable!

Jessica said...

Thanks for showing us exactly how you edited it! Don't you love actions!! I love how the edited version turned out too!

Pink Shoes Photography said...

love the flip!!

Raven Mathis @ LMMP said...

Great edit and I love how you changed it up on us all and flipped it.

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

fabulous edit! Love the smoothy creamy skin. I should try coffee shops action on the skin. I have never used it. But it sounds pretty cool. I may have to give it a shot

Linkie Lueville said...

LOVE how you flipped the last one! makes it look like a totally different picture!