Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today Is In Fact A Better Day

Yes, the old saying is true. A day really does make a difference!! I feel better.
Today, there is 4 weeks 6 days left till my love is home! YAY! Mikey starts school on Monday and so does Zachary.

That's right...Zach will start PreK Monday!!! He's wayyy excited and I have to admit that I am too. That will eave just me and my Princess at home together during the day!!!! It's been a while since Ive had one kid! LOL.

Hmmm what else......

Selena and I have decided that we are going to go to the post Halloween Party this year. We are going as sexy gansta girls and our hubs will be gansta men! So after we take the munchkins trick-or-treating, we can leave the kids with the sitters( saying that we can find two of the for our big brood of kids.)

Here's something I spotted that I like:I'm wayyyy excited!

Tomorrow I have to go re-register the plates for the van. Ahhhh! I cant believe that its been almost 1 year already. Time has flown by sooo fast!!!

Hailey is almost 9 months old! Zachary will be 4 on the 30th. Ugh. The come December 30th I will be 27! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! LOL.

Well y'all. I'm off to the commissary to get some dog food and a new cup for Hailey.( I left her s at BK last night) Genius, I know!


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