Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Days and A Pretty Princess

Mikey being crazy on the first day of FIRST GRADE!! My Buggie Boo on his first day of PRE K acting like "hulk Mad"
My Little Love Bug feeding herself

Its late, Im tired so Im not writing anything. So there.
Goodnight y'all!


Anonymous said...

So what will you do with yourself now that the kids are in school? Do they both go all day? Your princess is beautiful!

MRS Jen McNeil said...

Im actually able to do a lot! LOL! Ive been dying to run outside, and now that Im sans two kids, I can! I strap hailey into her jogging stroller and off we go! I love going shopping, even if its to get groceries with just her too! its soo much easier. dont get me wrong...i miss the boys like craaazy but its been soooooooo long that i have had some time to well, breathe and just do what I want to do!!! :) ahhhhhhh i love it! LOL. plus, it helps me get a break so i am much more patient with the boys when they are home. Mikey goes till 330 and zach comes home between 4-5. and thanks for the comment about my Princess!!!