Monday, June 8, 2009

Is It Wrong????

Is it wrong---------------------

----to Want to put Nair in someones shampoo bottle and watch all their hair fall out?

----To not clean out my backed up shower drain for 6 months and stand in ankle deep water?

----to Curse like a sailor, well in my case a soldier, the whole time I was pulling globs of my hair out of the drain?

----to thoroughly enjoy Mikey scratching my back while I type this?

----to be terrified of thunderstorms even though I'm all grown up?

----to act like I'm not so my boys don't think I'm a big.old.sissy?

----to be super stoked to beat the hell out of my husband in Wii Boxing?

----that I tell my boys about the kid that strangled himself on his mom's treadmill, in order to keep them off of mine?

----that barking dogs make me want to kill them?

----to own two dogs and realize that I am not such a dog person?

----that I spot paint my walls instead of going over the whole wall when I find a scrape?

----to be a nosy neighbor?

----to be a people watcher...and judger?

----that I hope Hailey and I will be best friends when she's my age?

----that I will tell anyone that Michael going to Iraq (both times) has strengthened our marriage?

----that i think Bring it On is a great movie?


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Nope, not wrong at all. I think Bring it On is a great movie too. ;-)

Sparkette said...

Oh thank goodness you said something. I HATE THUNDERSTORMS TOO!! They scare he begoobers out of me and I just have to be strong for the kids. Grr! :)

Love your list!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

That is my hope to...I strongly want a little girl just so I can prove that mothers and daughters can be best friends when older...My mother and I do not have this and neither does she and her mom...Its a sad cycle that I want to break...

Aubrey Anne said...

Hahaha! Love this post! I totally cracked up because most of these sound exactly like me. Like dogs barking making you want to kill them and the nair in the shampoo bottle. Or having two dogs but not being a dog person!

The Mrs. said...

great list!