Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whats New Around Here-----

Not to much! HA! Tricked you all didn't I??? You thought there was going to be something great!! MAYBE NOT!!! LOL! Anyways, tomorrow my eldest child starts Camp Imigination--his "im-specially-chosen-by-my-teacher-cuz-I-rock" camp!!! He's wayyy excited and honestly so am I. Is it weird that I miss the morning routine of school??? So starting tomorrow, for the next three weeks,I will be up at 7 and going to pick my babe up at 11!!! That's a good thing because I've been super spoiled and sleeping in till 9 these days! Mikey and Zachary entertain each other(very nicely might I add) and let me get some rest! Ms. Hailey is a late sleeper like her mama likes to be, so that's the real reason why I'm sleeping later! :)
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For all of you who don't know-----Army Wives----------season premiere is on Lifetime Tonight!!!!! I am wayyyyyy excited! A bit bummed as well because my love usually will watch enough of it to scream "that's not how your suppose to wear your beret"or"I can't watch this show. They aren't doing anything right!"

Well love, I have news for you----------according to Selena( who I know is an expert on such T.V show rules) said that legally the producers cannot have it correctly portray how the "real" Army does things.

See love, the show is not based on actual Army protocol.

SOo, once you get home your gonna have to sit down, shut up, and LOVE every minute of one of my favorite shows!!!! hahahahahahahaha. Your the best.

Have I mentioned that in a long time???

I have the sweetest, most loving, kind hearted husband on earth!!! He makes me want to strangle him sometimes, but it's all out of love!!! :)

Anyways,we are all just going to hang out today......
Oh I should take a picture of my new pretty pretty flowers in my front yard. They are my second love( after all my family of course) They make me happy! :)

Ok y'all. I rambled on about nothing for long enough!
What do you guys have going on today?

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you all tomorrow, same time(maybe not) same blog! :)


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

OH! What time, what time! I love this show, when I can catch it on.

Aubrey Anne said...

SO jealous!!! I don't have cable anymore, so I don't get to watch any of those shows I love! That's definitely one I'll be buying on DVD when the seasons come out!

Teresa said...

I think Army Wives is a guilty pleasure for many of us. I think they oculd protray the Army a bit btter without showing too much though haha.