Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Icky Sickies

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Ok so it's not quite that bad. My poor Buggie woke up and was burning up. He then threw up and then threw up again. Now he's feeling a bit better...enough to aggravate Mikey,lol. Poor thing couldn't go to his "school"(CDC) today. That's ok though. More time with Mommy.Hailey also cannot get rid of this nasty cough she has.Its the same one that we all have had for weeks now.Ugh. Just when we think we're getting rid of it, it makes another appearence. Apparently this cold is an attention lover! :)

While he's feeling a tad better we are off to Walmart to get a fire-pit. I'm a cheapie and I found one for 48 bucks! Wooooo! This baby will be used all summer long and into the fall as well.

Hope you all are having as great of weather as we are! Enjoy the day!!

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Sparkette said...

I bought one last year. Totally put it on my Home Depot card because I wanted one :) $30 bucks! It's getting pretty rusted out now, but I will use it till we move! :)