Sunday, April 19, 2009

Speechless Sunday

My beautiful Buggie had attached himself to this beautiful quilt. It was made by a dear friend of my mom's, named Tilly. She hand made this quilt originally for Mikey. Mikey, however, never really took to it the way I had hoped.( remember Linus' blanket on Charlie Brown??? At least I think it was Linus...correct me if I am wrong.........)
Well last week, at bedtime, I tucked my Zachy in. He usually says "cover me" but this particular night he said he wanted different covers then his Spiderman comforter.

Being the super mom that I am (wink wink) I dashed off into the linen closet to see what I could muster up. That's when this colorful baby jumped out at me. It was begging to be used........I pulled it out and as soon as he saw what was sewn all over, he was smitten.

Purple and blue elephants, snakes with crazy colors, snails, butterflies, horses. You name it, its on here!!
***sorry the pictures aren't the best quality...I HATE my camera and will be buying a new one next tax return***

Ever since that fateful night last week, he has morphed into Linus. The quilt goes everywhere he does....well except the bathroom and the bath tub! HA!

A year after Tilly had made this quilt, sadly she passed away from a long, hard battle with cancer. I never have personally met her, but my mom always thought the world of her. She was funny, smart, strong......and I am honored that she thought enough of my mom, to make me a quilt for my first baby!! I am sooooo happy that it is finally getting the use it deserves.

God bless you Miss Tilly and rest in peace...and Thank You for making such a wonderful memory filled quilt.

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Aubrey Anne said...

I seriously just started crying! How cute! One day soon I will blog about my "woobie" (my baby blankie)! I am hooked and always have been... Linus is the CUTEST thing ever, and I am so happy your Zachary found a perfect blankie!