Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Doctor Day

So as promised, I called the doctor this morning. Actually, I called Tricare this morning. Both Hailey and I have appointments today. I go at 1040 and Hailey's is at 220...that means Uncle Chris will be picking up the Mikey-Pie from school.

I'm bummed.

I LOVE picking him up from school.It's one of the highlights of my day. I get to hear about what he did, who got red( for being bad) and other random Kindergarten things. I get pictures he drew( or painted) at the learning labs and little school newsletters......I cannot believe he is almost done with the school year! His last day is May 29th, a Friday. What a great day to end school on...a Friday!! To make it even better, its a half day! Then look out summer!

Since Mikey has done amazing in school, his teacher invited him to go to Camp Imagination. Its also known as Summer School for the kids who needs it. You can imagine my face when his teacher came out and said he was "invited" to go to summer school! I asked her why he needed summer school since he was doing so good in class. She laughed so hard. I didn't understand why. After she caught her breath, she explained that all the kids who needed to go to to Camp Imagination in order to pass to the next grade have already been notified.( which was not my Mikey) They had x amount of slots available to anyone who wanted to go just to go for fun....she said it was an "invite" only kind of thing. Either by a teacher or principle.
Needless to say..........Whew!!!

He is wayyy excited to go. The three classes he picked to participate in are:
1-A cooking class.
The kids get to write recipes( which enhance their writing skills)
Create their recipe and then eat it! How fun is that?!?! I took baking as in elective in highschool and had a blast, so I'm pretty sure he will love it! He's always trying to help cook or bake here with me!!

2-A building class
He will get to build things and make blueprints...this is right up his alley!! You should see this kids with Legos and the directions!!

This one is obvious! He writes a bunch of stories and draws pictures to tell the story. They then make books out of them and share them with the class.

Its a part day program from 830-1130. He will get breakfast, lunch and a snack. Not bad for a three hour day!!

Anyways, I'm off to finish getting ready! The sun is out(for now) and its suppose to be 70 today. So I will be out enjoying it while it lasts....like only for today! LOL!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

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