Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And the Verdict is-------------

Walking Phenomena( i have no clue how to spell it and no suggestions came up on spell check. Dealt with it! :/) and an ear infection. Lucky me has the walking kind. Maybe I should sit down then it wouldn't be walking anymore.hahahahahaha. i laughed so that's all that's important!!! Hailey has an ear infection and is on amoxicillian for that. The doctor also informed me that she has her top two teeth coming in. Four teeth at once people. Mikey and Zachary never got teeth so quick. She must be my baby genius!

Yea so for the next week I'm on super antibiotics..Zithromax.She gave me some weird pearl like things for my cough that I have to take 3 days a week too....ahhh the joys of changing weather!!

Tomorrow my brother and his g/f Brittney are leaving, which means another 2 and a half hour drive to Kansas City and then 2 and a half back. UGH! Not the highlight of my day! I will miss them but I can't say I'm not a bit happy to see them go. Maybe happy is the wrong word. Relieved. Yes.That's better. I miss my routine and Zachary misses his room ..hes been sleeping in my bed for the last 6 days. It will be nice to get back to normal. I hope that when hubby comes home it isn't as hard for me to get use to him being here.
Anyone have any tips on re-integrating??? I could use all the help I can get, people!!!

As expected, its rainy here today. Its actually quite comfortable out. So what am I going to do on this lovely rainy day? Well, I just made myself a peanut butter smoothie and after I finish typing this I'm going to put on some loud music and clean my house. With candles on. That's right, the self-proclaimed lover of cleaning's house is a MESS!! LOL. ahhh gotta love visitors!( and kids)

I hope you all enjoy your day! What do you have going on???


Anonymous said...

Umm since you are driving that's only 14 hours to my house. It's kind of dirty.


Hope you all get better soon. Although with the sounds of the weather you might be fighting crud for awhile! As for's a work day with nothing to do. I feel an early day coming on!!

Anonymous said...

Goodness Jen, get better and take it easy!!!

Well just the usual here, working, then a chorus thing tonight with Cody. He has rugby practice first. We highly suggested a shower before the chorus dinner thing, but he assured us it'll be fine!!! LOL So I'm bringing his clean clothes, washcloth, and soap.... Do you think he'll use it??? Yeah me neither.... Boys.. gotta love them.

Okay you take care