Monday, April 27, 2009

'Round Here----

Hi all! How's everyone doing this fine Monday?? Hopefully you are all doing great. We, on the other hand, are not! I mean it's not life or death or anything, but we are all sick!!! My poor brother Chris who has been here since Friday is sicky too. He is laying on the couch with swollen glands. We took a trip to our new PX yesterday. No, not for exciting Kansas memorabilia( what a shame,lol) but for cough syrup.

I have had my cough for about three weeks now. THREE. Can you believe that? I finally gave into fighting it and bought some medi as well. Side note: DO NOT BUY ROBITUSSIN COUGH MEDICINE. It doesn't work. At least not for me. It didn't even come close to touching this nasty nasty cough of mine. I am currently trying Mucinex Cough but in my hurried stupor to , ya know, get back home and rest, I grabbed the kids kind. That's right people.Kids. Ive been double dosing hoping it will work.( not so great so far just to let you know.) I also stocked up on Honey-Lemon cough drops. Those feel nice on my throat but don't actually help the cough. hmm. This cold is a feisty one.I'm running out of ideas.

I am not the only one effected with this plague. My little Princess has a whopper of a cough too. I think that with all this talk of the Swine Flu I should go and get us checked out. Tomorrow morning I will be calling Tricare's appointment line to see if they have any openings for Hailey and I to be seen. Ugh. I hate giving up the fight and going to the doctor.Better safe then sorry though, eh??

How 'bout all you fellow bloggers out there? Are you all dealing with the sickies too or am I the lone wolf out here in Kansas?

Anyone have any suggestions on good medi that will actually work??

*********************In other news**************************************

We all survived the severe weather last night. We were under a tornado watch for quite some time last night and even had the sirens go off.For a short time we all hid in our tiny tornado closet. Luckily, we did not have a tornado touch down near us.I swear, Tornado Alley was not one of my choices for a station...even though I do have tornado chasing on my Bucket List.LOL!

Are you all with me??? My mom thinks I'm crazy, but this is coming from a lady who wants to go bungee jumping and sky-diving.Yeah. Who's crazy??? That's what I thought.

calenders Pictures, Images and PhotosMay 6th will mark the 5 month point till my love comes home. I am counting it as FOUR though because he will be home in early October!!!! This deployment has really flown by.Even faster the his last deployment. I hope it keeps up this pace, or goes by faster. :)

Guess what? The maintenance man just fixed my dishwasher!!! This is the third time he's been out here and hopefully now it will stay fixed!! The dishwasher is one of the modern day convinces that I absolutely Love!!! Ahhhh! With three kids and a Daddy gone, its defiantly a Huge help!
As for the weather...the rest of the week is suppose to be rainy and cooler. Blah. Doesn't really help with the whole "under the weather" feeling, ya know???
Anyways, that's all that's new 'round here. How are y'all??


Anonymous said...

Doing good over here. :) Thanks for asking.

For my cold I had to have some cough meds with vicodin or smething strong like that in it. But I still had the cough and I found out that I shouldtke some allergy meds...made the cough go away :)

Glad you are safe! And you must live in military housing if you had to have your dishwasher fixed three times?! LOL!

MRS Jen McNeil said...

hahahahha i do live in military housing! LOL! This housing office is wayy bad! Ugh, But im glad you guys are good and thanks for the allergy med advice. i will try it.