Monday, June 11, 2012

5 days till we are Georgians!

Yes, you read that right! 5 days and we will be headed up to GA! The apartment is pretty much all packed up except for the things we are using now...dishes, a few toys for the kids, shower curtains etc. The kids are out for the summer and are loving it! Here's a few pics from today. Hope you enjoy!{ BTW, they are all shot in manual mode! I'm pretty excited because I usually just shoot in Auto or TV yay me. I've always been intimidated to learn it, but now I am!!}

They were so nervous to stand in the middle of the road LOL! In hinsdight, I didn't compose this shot really well.....I should have emphasized the lines in the road better...but I was trying to hurry in case a car came! Oh well, I know what shot I have to work on! ;)

Little Miss Diva with her hand on her hip! Man, I think Michael and I are going to be in for it when she's a teen!

I love this cute little cottage! Isn't it darling??

My blue eyed beauty!
 I love this sweet little face!
We are going on Wednesday to take some pics with my mom and grandma and are going to get some shots of the grandma, mom,me and Hailey...That's 4 generations :) I will post again soon!

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