Saturday, May 26, 2012

A photoshoot with my babes- Sugar Mill Gardens Port Orange, FL

 I woke up this morning and just felt like taking some pictures. Honestly, I haven't had the urge to do it in a while. I think it's because there is just so so much to take care of before the move. At least I hope that's what it is. We have the Sugar Mill Gardens about 5 minutes from our house and it is so stunning! Like, had I know about this place way back in 2003, I would have gotten married here. { we will try to renew our vows here though!!} Got the kids all ready and bribed them that if they "listened" and took good pics for me that we would go to BK for lunch and play in the play thing. That was all I had to say! I think I got some wonderful shots for the bribery!
 I am just completely in LOVE with this one of Hailey! I just love her sweet little face and those blue blue eyes and the pop of pink next to her in the plant!
 She wanted to wear my sunglasses. I normally always wear my shades outside because I have sensitive eyes. Anyways, I just did not need to wear them today! They were a nuisance so I took them off and as soon as I did Ms. Hailey snatched them up and FAST!
 Yes, she's a D-I-V-A!!!
 My husband LOVES this picture of Zach and Hailey. He said he loves how much Hailey loves her brother. I love how they BOTH love each other so so much!! They have had a bond since she was in my belly.
 I think Mikey is warming up to the thought of taking photos! LOL. Normally I cannot get a good one of him or he runs away. Yay for him getting un-camera shy!
 My model baby! She is so effortless and natural iin front of the camera and I love it!
 My Z-man. He has the mischievous look in his see it??? ;)
 I told you I wasn't kidding about Hailey and my sunglasses.......
 The kids had fun and of course, I did too! Hope everyone has a fun Memorial Day weekend and please, let's remember that Memorial Day is not just about Summer and having fun, but it's about remembering our fallen Hero's.

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