Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sailing 0n Saturday

Hey all. S0me 0f my keys d0nt w0rk because Z silled milk 0n it. H0efully I can fix it. Anyways, went b0ating yesterday with my grandma and her b0yfriend. S000 much fun. Here are s0me sh0ts 0f 0ur day.

In 0ther news, I am g0ing t0 be taking the CNA c0urse in  tw0 weeks. Im nerv0us but extremely excited. The c0urse is a week l0ng and after that I will be eligible t take the State exam. Freakin awes0me.  My f00d stams finally came thr0ugh. Five-0-three m0nth is what I will receive, which is ah-mazing. Things are sl0wly c0ming t0gether. Yay.Its a cl0udy day t0day, s0 we are all just relaxing. Mikey stayed at my br0thers last night. He just g0t h0me. They b0th had a l0t f fun and next weekend is g0ing t be Zacharys turn. He's beynd excited. It's g00d t0 be h0me.
Till next time f0lks...

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