Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break 2011

So today is the last day of Spring Break for the kids. Monday will be back to school! We just all pretty much hung out this break. Tomorrow, we will be heading to the zoo as long as the weather is good.
{we'll see}
On to some pictures--------

This is Hailey wearing Mikey's lightening McQueen slippers from when he was her age! I LOVE it!
{and so does she!} Look at my little Z peeking behind his sissy. Bwhahaha. That's soooo him!
 This is the boys in their totally rad, amazing, fort that yours truely built. That's right folks. I made the fort. Many of you do not know that back in the day I was quite the fort maker. Long story short~~~Ive got skillz.{ my sillz go far beyond needing an 's' at the end.}
 Here's a full view of my awesome creation!
 My baby love......cant believe she is 2 years 5months already. Man. Where do the time go?
 This is one of my favorite pictures. I edited it with coffeeshops vintage action. I wanted it to have a touch of whimsey and I think it does. I love having a girly girl.
 I love this picture of my baby love too. She's just so pretty!
Anyways, if weather permits, I will have some pics up from the zoo.....if not I will have some pics up of the rain. Nah, just kidding. Who wants to see that!?!?! Not this lady.

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