Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Paperwork is IN!

Yup, you all read that title right. The med board paperwork for Michael has been submitted. We should know in {hopefully} a week or so weather it will be a go for him to go to Fort Gordon, GA.

And us to FL.

We could be in FL by May 21. That's like REALLY soon everybody.

Im looking forward to becoming independant yet I am heartbroken and devistated at the same time. Michael said the counslor he is seeing wants to do a marriage counseling session with us, so I agreed. I dont think this is going to change anything and at this point even if he did say he wanted us to stay together, Im pretty sure Id say no. He's right. I need to gain my independance. I want to gain my independance.

I cant deny the fact that Im looking forward to the sun and beach also. Albeight, Im not exactly sure how much time Im going to have to be lounging around.....

My mom is going to look for an apartment for me on Thursday.Its the complex she stayed at when her and my dad first seperated. Ive been to her apartment while she was living there and they are super nice and affordable{thanks to it being subsidized} Its beautiful and more inportantly, safe. She knows the manager well, so hopefully she can pull a few strings and get meand the kids in.
Zacharys teacher told me today that she thinks it would be a good idea for Z to repeat Kindergarten again. He's not reading-at all and since he is the youngest in the class,she feels his maturity and impulse control inst there yet. Cant say I disagree.I mean if he was born just 1 day later, he would not have been able to enroll this day. Im not too upset about this though. I stayed back in Kinder also because I was shy.{quit laughing....I still am shy to this day} and Michael stayed back in Kinder also but then skipped 7th and 8th grade. It will benefit him greatly I believe.

On a side note, have you every seen the movie The Lazarus Project?
If not, you should. Great movie. {click the link above to see the trailer}

Ok everyone, that was a quick update. I will be back when theres more stuff to share! ;)

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