Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Job search is ON, Like Donkey Kong!

So I was browsing job ads in FL {because I reallylove having my ducks in a row and being proactive!} and stumbled upon this site called Go Nannies. It matches potential nannies with the families who need them! How cool is that??? I registered with the site and even found a family who is needing nanny care for the hours I would be available. How exciting! I emailed the mom and hopefully will hear back from her soon!{offering a job! hehe.} 

I dont want to make a habit of tuting my own horn, but sometimes I forget just how GREAT I am and need a little reminding, so I am going to write out a list of the qualitites I have that make me perfect for being a nanny!!

  1. I am trustworthy.
  2. I love kids
  3. I am hardworking
  4. I am reliable
  5. I care about helping people
  6. Doing things the right way is important to me
  7. I'm a clean freak!{and pay attention to detail}
  8. I feel that raising kids is a majorly important job. Im not just shaping who they are now but Im essentially raising adults. How they are taught and treated will be engrained in who they are as adults.
  9. I dont smoke and only drink occasionally { 1-2 drinks amonth if that} and would never drink on the job.
  10. I am a good,safe driver
  11. I will do my best everyday. I am motivated to succeed.

Ok---I think thats enough..bwhahahaha.
So, we will see how it goes.I will keep you all updated because I know you are waiting on pins and needles! {not!}

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