Saturday, December 18, 2010

Organization Ideas and Sleep Advice

Hey all its been forever! I found two really cool organization ideas. ( courtsey of Martha Stewart )

First, this one. How stinkin' cute is this?!?! Not to mention functional. I love how the apples look in the basket and we always always have tons of apples, potatoes and onions here in the McNeil household.


Then I think this is a wayy great ( and pretty) idea.

*sigh* One day when I get my house, I will have soooo many amazing ideas.......

Now onto the sleep advice portion of this post. Our Hailey girl is a bit of a rebel about going to sleep at night. Even though shes obviously tired, she still just wants to come out and hang. I mean I can remember being the same way when I was little. ( not two, more like 12) I just wanted to see what my parents were up to after we were suppose  to be sleeping.

Anyone have any tips how I can get her to go ( and stay) in her bed at night time without all the crying and meltdowns? Im open for a lot of adice and different ways folks, so lay it on me! :)

Ok, well I think I am starting to get sicky, so Im going to go sit with a warm cup of coffee and watch a bit of the boob tube.....

not actual boobs now, come on! Till next time:



Anonymous said...

Honestly, it's not going to happen without some tears and meltdowns. I had to break the same habit with my son. I used "The Supernanny" technique. I would just keep putting him in his bed everytime he came out. I wouldn't talk to him or anything. Some days it took a bunch of times, others it didn't. Good luck!

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

You don't wanna jut tie her to the bed, right? I suggested that (jokingly- of course) to another friend of mine... she didn't go for it, either (as I'm assuming you won't). Heehee! I haven't any clue, I'm not ones mother so I got nada. Good luck lady!

Gilda said...

Honey... one word... OVALTINE! like 2 Tablespoons in 4 oz of milk. It has good minerals in it, especially magnesium (which is a muscle relaxer)and makes little kids sleepy. I have used it for years with good results. Try it!