Sunday, August 1, 2010

Three Days, Home Building,and my New Addiction.

I lured you all in with that title, didnt I ???

Let's see. As most of you ( my faithful readers ) know, I am in the process of becoming a certified FCC (family child care) provider here on post. Well, I have three days till the Orientation class. THREE! It's the beginning of the end LOL.....Hopefully, they will tell me all about what's coming up and how to be prepared. It's all I can think about, and research. Daycare. Set-ups. Cirriculum. Toy bin name tags. Tax write offs.

My head is spinning. In a good way. Im sooo excited! ( and a bit nervous) I am the type of person who like to plan, have a plan and have things done before they need to be. Always have been that way. And I think I always will be that way. I have already started setting up the daycare.Using what I already have here on hand, Ive done pretty good. After I do my classes, I will have access to CYS' lending closet of FCC providers. Here they house a schmorgous board of daycare items.

Shelving, books, millions of toys, playpens, strollers, carseats, teaching material.......

The list goes on and on. Super exciting. I would sign them out on loan ( not sure how long is allowed) and the bring them home. Set it all up. Stand back and be in awe of my new daycare. Whats really cool about becoming an FCC provider ???
  1. Its a portable career. Where ever the Army takes us, I can take my job. And it's income.
  2. I earn credits to my AA in Early Childhood Education. Need I say anymore???
  3. I get to help out my fellow military families. What an honor that is. Seriously. Army folks ( and all military families for that matter) have mucho things to deal with all. the. time. Childcare worries shouldn't be one of them. I can assure parents they will not have to worry about any crazy, unpredictable behavior from me. And that I will nurture their child(ren) as if they were my own.
  4. I make bank while staying home with my kid. (and being there for the other loves after school). Dont get me wrong....I will be working my tail off for that bank. LOL! But as I see it, it's the best of both worlds. Staying home and making money. My income will help towards the building of our forever home. Makes me very happy that I will contribute to that dreams of ours.
Which brings me to my next topic of discussion. Building our forever home. Growing up, I always had the idea of house hunting. You know, searching house after house after house and then finally finding the one thats suppose to be ours. Well, the hubs had a different dream growing up. Building our house. He cannot wait to plan every single aspect of the house. From the placement of cabients down to which toliet paper holder goes in the bathroom. I wasn't excited about this thought at first, b/c I have had hunting in my brain since, well , forever. I honestly thought his dream of building would be just that. A dream. That would fade over time. Well folks. Not so much! LOL! I have to admit that he's persuading me into joining him on his dream. :)  Also, his Aunt (step aunt) is a realtor for D. R. Horton in Gerogia (check out her facebook page Here.) She process a lot of VA homes, so us using ours won't be a problem. Plus, she been in for something like 20 years. That translates into her knowing her stuff, folks. And hopefully, since we're, mayve just maybe we will get an extra good deal.

I super pumped folks. Like so pumped, I want to leave good old Europa now. Like right now. Seriously. Im not lying. Or fibbing, telling a tale tail, stretching the truth, blowing smoke up your booty or crying wolf.

Ya. That serious.

And speaking of Facebook.....that brings me to my third and final topic y'all. No it's not Facebook itself....well maybe it is. I have become an addict of THIS SITE .

And the non-facebook version.....Here.

Oh how I heart the world wide web!
Anyways, I best be getting going, but I couldn't leave you all without a picture of the sure to be re-arranged daycare space.( once I get the lending closet stuff!) But here is what I gots so far...... Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! 

(Ps dont pay too much attention to my soon-to-be painted blue dresser turned shelf and the parts underneath the black shelves that I forgot to spraypaint...those will all be fixed before the doors to Meaningful Moments Daycare are open!)

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The Bolton Family said...

I worked in an FCC and spent a while making changes and getting it ready for state accreditation. I'm sure licensing standards are different through the army, but if you ever have any questions or need help with organizing, labeling, or ideas I'm right around the corner and can help any time! :)