Friday, August 27, 2010

I Heart faces---Fix It Friday

 Black & White Edit
 Vanilla Pop

How I Got My Edit.....(for the B&W one)

1. Open in Raw.
Adjust recovery to 100
Fill light to 20
contrast to 10
clarity to 10
vibrance to 10

2. Open Image in PSE 8
3. Run Lemon & Honey Action from Paint the Moon Photography
4. Flatten
5.Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Levels
Slide top black slider to 9.

6.Run Pioneer Woman Define Sharp
7.Grab Quick Select Tool and outline girl
8. Select>Inverse
9.Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Brightness/Contrast
Brightness-neg 25
Contrast- +15

10. Flatten
11. Run Pioneer Woman Seventies Action
12. Flatten
13. Run PW B&W Beauty Action
14. Flatten
15. Run PW Define Sharp Action
16. Flatten
17. Coffeeshop Baby Powder Room Action
"Eye Define Layer" define dress, hair and eyes.
18. Flatten.

(To get my Vanilla Pop photo edit, I followed the same steps above and then ran the Vanilla Pop Action from Paint the Moon Photography.)

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Susan Godfrey said...

I really like your edits! Love the vanilla pop!


ATALW said...

I looove the vanilla pop edit!!