Monday, May 17, 2010

Missing In Action

Where have I been for the past few days???? Well, I will tell you.Saturday night my hubby had CQ and just had to take my baby computer with him so he wouldn't be bored out of his mind while sitting there all night. BLAH. So no 'puter for me Friday or Saturday morning.

During this whole non-exsistant computer thing, something reallly bad happened.

We had no hot water!

For 3 days.

Yeah. Why you ask? Well Friday was a German Holiday called "Man's Day."
No. Do not make the mistake of comparing Man's Day with Father's Day. Not the same....although, depending on the Dad.....I digress.

Man's Day is a celebration of being a man. DUH The men of Germany fill up a backpack with beer, grab all of their closest beer drinking man friends and supposedly head out to a field to drink themselves into a stupor.

What does this have to do with my hot water?????

Well, Friday the tech here could not come out b/c of Man's Day. Then It was the weekend. Yeah, I boiled a big pot of water and took a bath in about an inch of hot water. HA! Can you picture that?

Don't. It's not pretty. I promise you that.

Yesterday, our downstairs neighbor Mina invited us to go to a park in Bosen. Its about 35 minutes from here. YAY! My hub was a trooper and (even though he hadn't slept all night from CQ) decided to come too. We drove out there and, of course I was snapping away taking some freaking stellar really nice photos of this huge playground and pretty flowering trees and my little loves.

Whats the problem?
I tried uploading them last night and it says "no pictures found."
I tried reviewing them on my cam and it says"CF card error"
I know I had the card in there when I was taking pictures. We reviewed some while at the park. I took out the card again and put it back in the camera again. This time it doesn't say anything about an error, but the picture count on the card is back up to 502.(when I started out, my card was empty and after I took my pictures I had 452....which means I took 50 pictures.

I know I didn't delete them. I know the pictures were saved on the CF card.

My question to all of you camera savvy blogger friends is.....

how can I save my pictures???
Can they even be saved?

I had some really really really great pictures on there and my heart is breaking as I type at the thought of not being able to have them. What if they are *gulp* gone forever???

If anyone knows anything please please please help me!!!!!! I know I can count on you guys!
Anyways, today is my Mikey's forst day at Science Club! I cant wait till he gets home and I can hear all about how it went!

AS for the hubs, He rolled his ankle during his PT test this past Friday. He's been having trouble rolling it for years and all the Army does is send him home with Motrin and an Ace Bandage. Well, this time he was taken to the ER by the Wee-You's (read about another experiencewith the Wee-You's here)

They are talking surgery folks.Yes, that bad. Apparently, he has torn the ligiments on both sides of his right foot! Ouch! They put his foot in a stablizing brace and loaded him up on Motrin (lol) Today he is going to get another consult and some Xrays again....hopefully they will set up surgery quick. He needs it. The poor thing is a hobblin' mess.

Hmmm. What else? Hailey can say "Choose" (think rhymes with Juice) Choose mean C-ya later in German!
Video to come of that soon!

The Big Z is his naturally wild and crazy self. That boy has never been more ready to start school.( and I have to say I am ready for him to start too) LOL!

Alright well Ive have really babbled on enough this morning.

If you all take nothing away from this long winded post, take away one thing, CF card and how to save my images!!!! :)

Have a great day and thatnks for stopping by!


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Anonymous said...

Hey hun!

Unfortunately, I can't help you with the camera situation. My camera has done that before and usually the pictures will magically appear again for some odd reason. Otherwise, I would totally help you! I hope you get them back!

I'm sorry to hear the hubby has to have surgery! My hubs has a knee problem so I'm hoping it goes away on its own before it results in surgery. Hopefully the surgery will help him! Glad to see you back on blogger!

P.S. You have an award on my blog (look a couple posts back) =)