Thursday, April 8, 2010

The We-You's Are coming!

Actually, they already came! What are We-You's you ask???

Well, I will tell you! The We-You's are the Emergency Vechicles here in Germany. They are called that because thats how they sounded when they came crusing into our complex at 9 o'clock last night.

We-You, We- You, We- You......

You know when you see the news on CNN and something has happened in ,say, London? And you hear how different the emergency vechicles sound......

well, it's the same sound here in Germany too!

Ok let me start off by saying that no one is hurt or dead or anything.
See this apartment? (3rd floor)

They had a fire....well smoke from their cooking that set off the alarm in that whole building you see above! It was sooooo loud! My mom and I were just settling in to watch Season 4 of Weeds when we heard this screaching, echoing sound. Of course, we went to our hugge windows and investigated!!! The German Fire Department was super, super fast at responding! You should have seen the come barreling into the parking lot! The alarms must have only been sounding for like 2 minutes! Talk about great service!

An what a relief to know that had there been an actual emergency, peoples lives would have been saved because of their promptness! YAY for the German Fire Department! They came in and opened some windows, pulled out the stove and (from what we could tell) walked around a lot. LOL. The whole incident took maybe 15 minutes.


In other news, today is Mikeys last day of school until April 19th. Spring break is upon us! To be honest with you all, I am quite looking forward to it! I miss my Doo. I feel like I haven't seen him in forever. After school he palys outside or plays Xbox. Then its all business on my end...dinner, bath, getting school clothes ready, making his lunch. I barely finish all of my chores and then he's heading off to Snoozy-Land.Having him home is quite different though. The boys both get to raise cane and get each other all wild and crazy. That's the worst part of it all. They do play together wonderfully though. Hardly ever any problems with them being mean to each other. I should count my blessing extra, because not everyone has siblings who play together this well.

Im also missing my bestie Selena. She and her family are back in the States in Texas. You all remember Selena, right??? My neighbor and friend in Kansas........

Anyways, I was at the PX the other day and found this awesome awesome plaque thing that made me instantly get tears and chills. Im not going to say what it says, just in case she reads this...which I dont think she does, but who knows.

It's the perfect thing to send to her. P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!!

Six days until my love gets to come home for a 4-day break from the field! Yay! I sure hope all the rest of our household stuff is here before he gets back so I have time to make it all nice and homey feeling in here so he can actually rest and enjoy our stuff! Michael might be deploying in July. Yes, this July. He has only been home six months. His swell time isn't even up yet. However, I cannot blame this on the Army this time. My hubs has volunteered to go earlier. Yes, you read that right...volunteered. We did talk it over before any talks to his commander were made. He has been training a few new soldiers(who have never deployed) and he wants to be there when they go. This will be my hubbys 3rd deployment. First time to Afganastan though. In all honesty, he's ready to go again. He's bored out of his mind here. War is what he trains and trains and trains for. Also, it makes sense too, because if he were to stay here, he would be gone all the time doing more training.Seriously...all the time! Out of a year he'd be gone 10 months. No Lie!! So in his mind, he might as well knock out an inevitable deployment if he's going to be away from how that much.
Im proud of him for wanting to be with his soldiers....even though the though of him going to Afganastan scares me to death. *shivers down my spine*
Iraq he knows. Iraq is a lot safer now then it was. The same is NOT true about the "A"  word. I just have to remember that God has His Will already lined up. Whatever happens is the way God has planned it. Like it or not, nothing will change it. That's why we have to cherish the time with him.

Okay, so I didn't intend on dumping all of that out today. I guess I am worrying about it more then I am willing to realize. *sigh*
Alright my friends, hope you all have a wonderful wonderful Thursday...yes, I am sure its Thursday today!!!!LOL! I will catch up with whats going on with you all right now.....