Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Did I Miss a Day?

Yes, you read that right. Somewhere, sometime, I just completly skipped over a day. I think it was Tuesday that I skipped. What the heck. I never do that. Seriously,folks. I am way to organized for this to happen to me! UGH.

Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but Friday Mikey has no school. It is the start of Spring Break. I do not want to send the child only to show up and have no one be there....what kind of mom does that?!?!?!

I looked up on my computer clock and it says today is Thursday. I still don't fully trust that though. So I am posting this with hopes that once I ost this, I can go back and check out the date.....hahahahaha.

I know. I'm crazy! LOL. On the plus side, yesterday and today have been completley sunny, cloud free, 65 degree days! We must have walked a good ten miles yesterday. It seems like these warm sunny days are few and far between, so I have to make the most of them when they present themselves.

Hubby will be home in 6 days for a 4-day break from the field. Then he goes back again till early May. Boooo!!!

On the plus side, I called about the rest of our household goods yesterday, and the lovely lady on the other end told me that my stuff has not yet arrived here on post, but.............................

wait for it..........

keep waiting..............

it is about an hour away in a city called Bitberg. I did my research, and Bitburg can't be more then an hour from here. Hopefully, hopefully we will have our stuff by this coming week.As soon as it gets here on post, the moving company will email me to arrange delivery. Needless to say I have been checking my mail like crazy!

Tonight we will have chicken enchiladas and salad for dinner. MMMM!
Today is also day 2 of my "get back into shape" plan. So far its going okay. I feel like I could consume everything in sight but I WONT do IT!!! will not get the best of me FOOD! I will not eat like a pig today, or tomorrow, or the next day........

Wish me luck.
ok well have a great day lovelies!


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