Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kiss and Make Up

Yes, thats what we did! I realize I have to start putting his feelings a smidge before mine. Doing so will, hopefully make him put my feelings before his as well. This will in tuen make both of us happy.

Im assuming ( which I know makes an ass out of u and me) that since no one commented on yesterdays post, that no one wants to get in the middle of my marital issues. Understood. I guess Im a weird, cuz when someone posts something on their blog and asks for advice, I will give my advice.

My mom pointed out however that a lot of people try to stay out of personal business. To each is own, I suppose.

So I just wanted to let everyone know that we are good. We talked. I feel better. He feels better. We keep trying.
In other news, I just finished helping the hubs gather up all his TA-50 from storage and hauled it up 6 flights of stairs. He has a layout at 1400. I knew he had a lot of stuff, but man oh man....I swear that pile grows bigger and bigger in the dark! LOL. The stuff fills up six big green duffle bags! WOW!!!

Oh, BIG news! My Mikey has been "recruited" by the Science Club teacher to be in Science Club!!!!! She is going to save him a spot for next year!!! She said he is such a good boy and was sooo excited when he went into her classroom! She has even let him come to the after school meets until the end of the year!(which is June 17th)

He is beyond proud of himself and frankly, so am I!!!! He's going to do amazing at that club! YAY for my Dooders!

Not much else is going on 'round here. Steak and rice and carrots for dinner. MMM MMM MMM!

Mikey has no school Friday, so thats pretty nice. Saturday Im hoping the hubs will drive us out to Ramstein AFB to the two story PX. He leaves again on Sunday morning and will be gone till July 10th. We are in the process of detirmining where we are going to go for hubs block leave.

Options on the table? Italy and Greece. We definitely are going to go to France and Switzerland. Those are way close to us. France and about 2 or 3 hours away from us and Switerzland can't be more then 6 hours away. We want to go somewhere BIG. Far away. Exotic. LOL.(as if living is Europe isn't exotic enough!)

This week we are going over to the travel agent and see what she has to say! Soooo excited about that!!!

Ok, well I hope you all have a lovely lovely Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!



Carmen said...

Hey Jen,

I did read your previous post and I was going to comment on it but I didn't get the chance (thanks to school) but if you don't mind, I can comment on it now if you want.

I'm glad that you two made up. That's always a great thing about marriage. I do understand where you were coming from though. I sometimes feel that same exact way when I'm around Mr. M and I feel underappreciated. It's a horrible feeling and I'm hoping that things get better between you and hubs (it seems to have from this post). Sorry it took me this long to respond, I wasn't trying to avoid the topic, just didn't have the time to write. =)

Hope you're doing better and thanks for sharing something personal on here with us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
I just saw your other post.... I remember that conversation many times when my kids were young. There is so much pressure on both of you, just try to remember you are a team... You are Mike's rock and he is yours too. As long as you can stay on the same page, and realize you are both important to this family things will be good. I know it is a hell of lot easier to say than to do!!! but you always have to work on your marriage. I am so glad to hear that things are better today. I think your both amazing people and you have a beautiful family so keep up the good work.

Take Care

Sarah said...

Hey Jen,

I suppose I have some advice maybe it will help... maybe it won't but I guess I figure it can't hurt... right? =)
I heard this on the radio awhile back "A marriage is not a 50/50 relationship. You each have to give 60%." You have to be willing to give more than you feel like the other person is giving. I thought it was at least a helpful way to think about things. It doesn't work for Rye and I because I do about 80% and he completely appreciates me for it. He hates not having a job (even though I have to remind him.. he will have a good one some day because he's going to college AND the GI bill -when we actually get it- is still income!!) and feels like I do everything... I'd agree with that. I like to do things for Rye and our kids and I know he sees what I do and I get a lot of feet and back rubbings! Almost every night and he get's ... maybe 1 a month (although I wont touch his feet LOL). That works for us, but that doesn't mean it works for everyone. So I think that's where the 60% comes in. If you are both putting out extra effort one of you wont feel like you do it all.

Now on the deployments issues.. I've only been through 1 1/2 deployments, 1 year of Rye living in GA and me in WA and now he's gone about 3-6 weeks each year. Those are not easy. I will say that those times were the hardest times of my life. I have said to you before and I'll say it again, you are a very strong and brave person. You have done so many selfless things for your family. Don't let yourself forget that and don't rely on your husband to always remind you of it. Know how strong of a person you are and when times get tough remind yourself of what you've already been through, how you got through it and the positive things that came from it.

I don't know what you've seen but I see a lot of marriages ending because of a deployment. When I realized.. this is making our marriage stronger (painful process but.. still) while it's tearing apart others. That was a big sign (as if I needed one) that Rye and I were meant to be together. You and Mike have made it through two and are about to face another one (I think right???) your bound to have some bumps caused by this but you make it through and I hope that you see how unique it is to make it through something as hard as a deployment.

Well that's all I got and it's belated! I'm glad you guys made up! I hope you enjoy your European vacation!! Sounds like it will be so much fun =)