Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lets Plat Catch Up, Shall We?

Hailey has been sick for the past week so she has been really fussy while we have been doing our many many errands. Found out that my little pink Kodak Easyshare camera is a quick way to soothe the savage beast. Wanna see the world trough her eyes? Check out below..........

This was while we were at the library faxing papers to Marvin so I could get a letter of export to ship the van......She was sitting at the table.

next, we have cute lil piggies she captured while driving in the van

Why what do we have here? PROOF! Soooo cute. She captured herself!

This ones great!

More lil piggies!


Big News!!!!!!

Mr. Mike has officially lost his first tooth!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe it! He's getting soooooooo big!Needless to say he is super excited about it and wants to save it for Daddy to see. Hmmmmm, I wonder what the tooth fairy will do about that?

A couple days ago we had dinner at BK and let the kids play inside on the play scape thing. They love it, and lets be honest....I love that they love it! Here's some pictures from fun at Burger King.
watching her brothers up high....
Can we say ketchup???!
or fries........?

Anyways, I hope you all are having a grand weekend. I am! And just in case you all were dying to know....5 days till we say goodbye to Ks and hello to St. Louis for a few days.Then off to Germany the 16th! YAY!!!!!
OK, goodnight all!

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