Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Heart Faces-Hilarious Out-takes

Mikey with his too big star wars boxers hiked up out of his jeans and ...isnt that face LOVELY? Ha. It makes me crack up! This was taken just this past December on our trip to Florida.

I was totally trying to get a cool shot of my guys....and it was working (look and how nice Michael and Zach look) until Mr. Mikey decided....well, I have NO IDEA what was happening there. LOL!

This was the big Z last summer. He was 3 and riding his bike down our pretty steep driveway. He got going fast and once he got close to the bottom, he tipped over so he didnt crash. Instead of picking up his bike and moving on, he um, decided to pick.....something else!


Buckeroomama said...

Great outtakes, especially the first one! Too funny! :)

Linds said...

boys are so funny!

Tezzie said...

The first one is hilarious!!!

Lena said...

Funny shots! I love the first one as well, what a look!