Thursday, March 25, 2010

As Promised---

So we went to Zacharys speech appointment. It went really well. Mrs R (the speech therapist) was great with Zachary. He didnt even know he was being tested. She flipped threw some cards that had pictures of things like scizzors and lamps and a thumb. She had him pronounce what the pictures were and she wrote down "her findings" I am not exactly sure what her findings were, but she told us that she will set up an assessment for april 7th or 21st. They only run the class on Wednesdays, and they are pretty full, so she has to see where she can fit him in. Im pretty excited because shes super nice and great with Zachary. it's important to me that while he's getting help for his speech, that he doesn't become overly self-conscience and start witholding from conversation. I know thats a pretty drastic scenario that probably wont happen, but it has crossed my mind. Anyways,its another beautiful sunny day here in Baumholder! I have to go get ready now and pick up Mikey.(he gets out early here at 2 pm where back in the states it was 3:30pm) Alright, well have a great rest of your day and we'll play catch up soon!


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