Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Family

Zachary,My Mom,Hailey,My brother Chris,his girlfriend Brittney,Mikey, my Hub,my Dad, Caitlin(aka other brothers girlfriend) and Tim. ( not shown, my other brother Bryan. He was sick and didn't come with us!)

Here's a picture of him.....

I know its a few days early, but our time here in Florida is coming to a close. I most certainly did not want to miss this challenge, but I also did not (and would not) want to be on the computer for the last few days we are here! I am sooo glad that this week's theme is family.

As most of you my loyal readers know, my hubby has gotten orders for Germany. We will be there for three years. We have been down here in Florida for almost two weeks now and it's GREAT!

This picture above is very special to me....and for many reasons. This is the last time that we will all be together for three years, so we all decided to go out to Seaworld and have some fun! This picture is also very special to me because this is the first time my parents have been around each other since their divorce about a year and a half ago. It was nice having everyone together and putting their differences aside so we could all be together.Looking at this picture is very bittersweet as well. I know that everyone has only come together for my kids. Ever since the divorce, our family has fallen away from each other. I know that all of my brothers and dad and my mom will not get together like this until we come back from Germany. Sad, but true. I will look back on this picture and always remember this great trip back home.

Enough back story.

What do I love about this picture? Everything! LOL.

I love how Mikey and Zachary and totally uninterested in the photo and are happily munching away on their cotton candy.

I love Chris and Brittney's faces. Look how happy they are. I just love love love it! My stud of a husband always takes a great picture. I love the softness in his eyes and smile. Then there's my Dad! No explanation needed, right?!?! How funny! Last but not least, there's Caitlin and Tim. They have been together for five years. I love Pip's carefree,laid back feel and how the leaves on the tree are shadowing their faces.

Ahhhhh----family is amazing.

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