Friday, January 15, 2010


BIG NEWS!!!!!!

I got my first tattoo!!! Ive wanted one since high school but grew up with my Dad saying "if you get a tattoo, I will cut it off of you."(he was kidding, i think.)

It's on my right wrist and I'm head over heels in love with it! Does that make me weird?? LOL!

Its really hard to take a picture with my left hand (seeing as I am right handed) so sorry about the not so great focus! Please forgive me!
I was sooooo scared when I first sat in the chair...I had no clue how it was going to feel.Let me tell wasn't as bad as I thought! The worst parts( yes there was more then one!) was the outline of the flowers and then when he did the yellow color and then the very very last color( the white) was TERRIBLE!!!!! By that point, my skin had had enough! LOL! I didn't cry. I gritted my teeth. LOL! YAY for me!!!! These pictures are taken of my tattoo I got just a few hours ago by the way!
I got this GREAT picture at the beach today. We stopped for lunch at Mickey D's and headed to the beach while we ate. I stuck a french fry out the window to see what would happen......

Can you imagine???

Yup, that's right! It was a feeding frenzy...and the french fry that was in my fingers----snatched right out of my hand by a flying gull! LOL! I love this picture!!!!

Last but not least.The Pretty Princess has a new doo!

Aren't they the most precious thing you've ever seen!?!?!
We are winding down on our time her, already! 1 week until we head back to KS. I'm having a blast here but its crazy how much you can miss your own home!!
Anyways, whatcha all been up too? I'll have to take a peek around and see!!! Have a great rest of your Friday everyone and thanks for stopping by!

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