Friday, November 27, 2009

Springs Last Hurrah?

It was such an amazingly beautiful day today. Here in good ol' Kansas, its usually way cold by now.....but not today! It was 67 degrees and beautifully sunny out. The hubs, kids and I headed out to the park for a few hours. We always go "exploring" with the kids when we go to a park. We find woods and walk through them pretending there are Indian tribes whose camp we night stumble upon....Its amazing!!!
Oh and I just wanted to let you all know( cuz I'm sure you are desperately wondering, lol.) that the sun flares below are S.O.O.C (straight out of camera) No photoshoped sun flair with those babies! I don't believe in manufactured flair!!!! :) I cant believe I actually got the right angle to form a rainbow on Hailey! YIPEE!!!! Also, last night I took another Photography exam for my school. I scored a 90!!!!! Woooooo! It was a chapter( a 40 page chapter) on Introduction to Composition. I already knew most of it, so yay for me!!!!
Anyways,without further ado.............I give you Springs Last Hurrah, in photos! Hope you enjoy!

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