Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Sneak Peek

Today was a beautiful, beautiful day. Sixty degrees and partly sunny.It's been a while since
I went out and about around town going to different locations and shooting. I was reading about tomorrows challenge over at I Heart Faces( and so can you, just click the tab above!) for tomorrow. They have an amazing judge this week and I spent a few hours browsing his different sites.
It made me want to shooooot!!!! So I decided to do exactly that.
(I plan on trying to get clients once we get to Germany and settle in.)
Here's a glimpse of the photo shoot I did with my Zachary.
He's almost always willing to strike a pose for me!
We had a wonderful time out together!
You can see the rest by clicking the Photography tab on the Navigation Bar up top!
Always feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you like, don't like, or just leave some tips.....I'm eager to grow and enhance my skillz! :)
Hmmm what else is going on? Not too much. Sundays here are all about getting ready for the upcoming week ahead. Luckily Thanksgiving( and Hailey's birthday) are on Thursday and Mikey has Wednesday off so we only have a 2 day week this week! I absolutely cannot wait until Thanksgiving. Besides remembering how truely blessed I am, I get to eat eat eat like a crazy person!! HA! I probably shouldn't but I just can't help myself!!! This year we are combining dinners with our friends and next door neighbors, so there will be a surplus of food!( the third best part of Thanksgiving.....LEFTOVERS!) We are making our turkey and salad and rolls and mashed potatoes and I am making my famous double layer pumpkin pie and apple pie( ehich is my moms recipe since as long as I can remember!) MMMM! Just typing about it is making my droolllllll! What do you have planned? Leave a comment and let me know...I like to get to know my readers! :) Anyways, I have to get dinner going for these hungry hippo kids of mine!
Have a great rest of your Sunday and thanks for stopping by to see me!!!

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