Sunday, November 22, 2009

Im Pooped!!

Howdy y'all!!

How is your weekend so far? Mine has been great! Last night I went to see New Moon with my bestie Selena. The husbands watched our kids and it was a crazy, crazy scene at the theater. Luckily for my a--mazing hubby, we didn't have to stand in line.( he went earlier yesterday morning and snagged a pair for us!!!)
I have never been to a movie on premiere night. Ever. Can you believe that?!?!?!?! hahaha. Anyways, I am not one of those people who "jumped" on the Twilight bandwagon, so to speak. I read all four of the books, cover to cover. From the moment I picked up Twilight, I was hooked!!

Anyways, we got there and it was I said before. There were people crowded everywhere! It was a sea of people. Once they started seating, everyone pushed forward. I thought of the scene from Finding Nemo when Dory get stuck in the fishermens net and then Nemo wiggles through and tells all the fish to "just keep swimming" and they hit the bottom and the net flys open.......LOL!

We got a great seat and then settled in to watch like a half hour of previews. Sheesh. I swear those darn things took forever to be over!!

I, needless to say, am Team Edward.
Selena is Team Jacob....we had fun talkin smack to each other throughout the movie.
New Moon was a---mazing!!! I love that they really stay true to the books.Obviously it is wayyy more condensed, but nonetheless, on point!!!
Go see it!!!!


You MUST!!!

Today has been a complete waste of a day. Well' I shouldn't say that.....I've basically been a vegetable all day. I changed around this blog(as you can see) and I also changed my photography blog as well. The house was trashed from MEN being in charge, and I just got through cleaning it...yes yes, I am aware that its 12:32 a.m. right now for me......

The hubby went to a BBQ at his Squad leaders house and called to tell me that he's going to crash there since he was drinking. Boo!!! I feel like I haven't seen my love for a few days.....hopefully we can catch up tomorrow!

Ok, well now that I'm thinking about it, I am sleepy.

I think it's about time I go sleepy.

Hope you all had a great Saturday and thanks for taking the time to check out whats going on with me!

Till next time......

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