Sunday, November 29, 2009

Im In A Pamper Myself Mood-------

I try to look my best everyday, but do you ever get that stuck in a rut feeling??? Well, that's where I am at today. I have decided that for Christmas this year, I am going to get "pamper me" items.

I was over at and have been inspired!!!! Check out her links to a makeup line called Coastal Scents.

I have the 88 warm palette on my wishlist along with true black gel eyeliner and their 13 piece brush set!!!!

A HUGE thanks to chamorritababe for sharing this amazing find!

I have never been one who straightens my hair. maybe once every 2-3 years. Seriously. I'm not joking!!! I have thick wavy hair and usually just brush it out plop so Herbal Essence Voulmizing foam through it and let it air dry. Well, I haven't been happy with the results of that......ever. What better time then Christmas to re-vamp my look, huh???? Plus, that way I can go to Germany a newly renovated chick...aka stylish mama!!!

After all, who wants to hire a photographer that doesn't look their best?!??!!

Anyways, Ive been looking through reviews on hair straighteners. Do you all straighten your hair often? Which straightener do you use? Pros, Cons?

Anything would be helpful. I'm not trying to spend hundreds of dollars but don't want a cheapie either...maybe between 30-60 bucks.......
Also, the girlie-r the better!!!! Like this one below......

Isn't she beautiful??? Obviously though , I want quality over appearance. I don't want my hair to be pulled or frizz if I go over my hair fast.

I am super excited about my new "pamper me" plan. I hope all of you fab. readers of mine have a great great day!

thanks for stopping by! ;)


Chamorrita Babe said...

Aloha Jen,
Glad you got inspired by my post. It is a great brand, that is easy on the wallet. :) So far, I've been happy with my Coastal Scents products.. still practicing with the help of those youtube tutorials though! Haha.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Aloha!

Anonymous said...

COASTAL SCENTS rock, i have pallet and havenn't used anything since! and I use a chi..but any straighteneer with ceramic plates is good. :)