Friday, November 13, 2009

I Heart Faces-Fix It Friday


My Edit

The Process
using Photoshop Elements 2 and a tiny bit of Photoscape
1. Cropped picture close to subject
2.Added a basket texture to background
  • Mode set to Overlay, 100% Opacity

3. Selected Eraser tool (with a 75 pixel brush, 100% opacity) and erased around his face and body to remove previously added texture from around his face and body

4.Enhance>Adjust Color>Hue and Saturation

  • Yellow-----Saturation ONLY.........+21
  • Green-----Saturation ONLY.........+47
  • Magentas----Saturation ONLY.....+42

5. Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen Edges

6. Grabbed the Eliptical Marquee Tool and outlined both eyes

7. Select>Feather> 5 pixels>OK

8. Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask

  • Amount---500%
  • Radius----2 pixels
  • threshold---4 levels
  • changed Opacity to 18%,blend mode stayed normal

9. I then grabbed the Dodge tool(Range set to Highlights and Exposure set to 50%) and did 3 clicks on the outside whites of his eyes to make the white whiter. I then went down and whitened up his little teeth a bit.

10.Enhance>Adjust Color> Color Variations

  • Midtones-Lightened once
  • Shadows-Darkened x5
  • Highlights-Decreased Red, Green and Blue once

11. Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen Edges

12. I merged and flattened the layers and optimized for the web.

This is where Photoscape comes in.......

I opened the photo up and.....


2. I then Clicked on the Bright/Color Tab,then to Curves>Saturation Curve and decreased it a bit.

3. Filter>Film Effect> Cross Process>Low

4. I went back to the Bright/Color Tab and adjusted the following:

  • Brighten--19%
  • Contrast--+10
  • Saturation....-72

5. I then Rotated the picture to -15 degrees

6. Hit the Bloom Tab

  • Normal Mode
  • Level---30%
  • Blur--8.0
  • Contrast--100

7. SAVE !!!!


Saharra said...

Great crop and edit!

Lisa said...

Beautiful edit! I think the rotation adds a nice touch.

Owner said...

I love the way you rotate it. Also the kid was glowing excellent! Nice colors.

Look at my fix-it friday photo.


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