Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust....

Another soccer season down. Today was Mikey's last game. They, of course won!!! On the downside of their win, Mikey got scored on for the first time all season. To my surprise, he didn't cry. You see, he's really hard on himself and always tries to do his very best. (he gets that from his mama, sorry kid) But he was awesome! His coach told him he has to stick with soccer.....he joked with him that he'll see him in the World Cup.(his son is an awesome forward)After the game the coach threw a little party with pizza and soda at a park close to the field. That's where the kids got their trophies and team pictures and a certificate of completion. It was a great day and a great way to say goodbye to a part of Fort Riley.(Germany is creeping up on us)
Here are some pictures from our day... hope you enjoy.

One last "hands in the middle"

Gooooooooo Sidekicks!!!

This is Coach Gary.We bought a card for him saying how great he was and all the kids signed it. He's loving it!

Here's Mikey right after he got his trophy,pictures and his certification of completion....awwwww

(most of) The team.The boy next to Mikey is A.J.,the coaches son.

Grubbin! I dont know why he looks like a sad sam.......LOL

How'd this goofy kid and his baby sis get in here???

A.J and Mikey(practicing their World Cup poses!!)

What a fun,warm, memory filled day it was!!!!
Hope you all had a stellar Saturday.

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