Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Soccer Fun

LOVEEEEE This one!
Go Mikey! Gooooo! Look at the concentration on his face....

This photo(above) is one of my favorites I have taken at Mikey's soccer so far. Look at the boy in red's face......LOVE that!

My Buggie is looking at the prettiest little girl EVER...next to my Princess, of course! She kept pretending to eat the grass and Zachary would say "hey don't eat that! It's a worm!!" The little girl( whose brother is on Mikey's team) giggled every time he said it to her.
***what you cant see in this picture is that that little girl is just in front of Zachary.....almost sitting toe to toe!**

Hailey snacking on a pretzel during halftime.

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