Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This Is The Sweet Life-----

(title courtsey of Disneys Zach and Cdy, which is currently the song I hear!!)

Now to the regular scheduled program!!

Ive been slacking.

Big time.

I think its been close to two weeks since I have ran. TWO! Ugh. I'm in a funk. Ive still been doing my push-ups and lunges and weights though, so I am not a total slacker.

I am now determined to get back into the swing of things. 43 days till the hubs is home.I don't want to fall of the wagon now and gain back say, 10 lbs. of the 20 I have lost!

I just got back from the commissary and stocked up on salad stuff and carrots and strawberries and oranges. Fresh green beans and mushrooms......

Plus, I need to stop going to BK. Seriously, for the past like 3 days it seems we have had BK for lunch. Ugh. No wonder I'm such a schlumpy mess.

Fast. food. is.the.devil!

but ohhh so good......resist temptation.Resist temptation! Everything in moderation, right?!?!?! LOL

Anyways,its soo hot here today. 90 and humid. YUCK! Not my type of weather...I cannot wait-Repeat- I cannot WAIT for fall!!!! I love having the windows open and smelling the fresh air and watch the leaves turning colors......


Mikey's back to school shopping is complete!! Yay for that! He is beyond excited to start and frankly, so am I!!
His teacher will be making a home visit before school actually starts so she can meet him and vise versa. I think its great that they take time out to do that....

That's all that's new here. I live such an interesting life..LOL!!! Nonetheless-its MINE, so there!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!

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