Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At My Limit

I'm done. Finished. Ka-put.

These kids are driving me bonkers!!! Hailey is the only one who isn't making me want to lock her in her room until Daddy comes home!!! That's sad, huh?? The baby is acting better the the two older ones.

I know they are getting restless with summer coming to an end and all. School is just around the corner and so is their Daddy being home. Honestly, I think that they are more wired because of the thought of having their Dad home.....

This morning, I am woken up to Zachary telling me that Mikey broke my candle and its smashed all over the floor.Lovely.I love waking up to a "to do" list! I get up and head downstairs....what do I see???( i am bracing for the worst, mind you)

Not a candle smashed all over the floor, but a wax waterfall down my entertainment center. Yup, that's right you ask???

I cannot blame this one on the darlings---

I left my pillar candle on all.night.long!!! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid!

I'm sooo grateful I didn't burn down our house!

My bad.

My BIG bad!

So that's how I spent the first 20 minutes of my up my own mess! LOL.

Now back to the kids---well, Mikey and Zachary.
All they have been doing is fighting. Almost all day and all night.(I swear)
The good boy charts aren't helping anymore. Bribes with treats aren't working...the only thing that seems to be helping these days is taking them outside and letting them (run, yell,scream,kick,punch) get their energy out. Today however is not a good day for that. Its gray and going to storm,according to Mr.Weatherman.
I have them separated as I type this. Mikey's in his room watching Animal Planet and Zachary's right here next to me playing his Fantastic Four video game. I have to admit that I have been relying far to much on good ol' TV for help lately. I know I should be playing games with them or teaching Zachary some more numbers, but frankly, I'm at my limit. Call me a wimp or a slacker mom.

Go ahead.(I dare you)

I haven't felt this done with this deployment in a long time. I know its natural seeing as the time is almost over( 42 days left) but I cannot break now. No, I cannot fall short now. No rest for the weary, right? I mean I know that once Mikey is back in school, things will majorly mellow down, but thats 2 weeks away still. My sanity needs a cure-all folks.

My question to you is......what are some tips/games/ideas that you all use when you are at your wits end with your kiddos? Any advice would be stellar!

Hope you all are having a bit more relaxed and calm day then I am! Thanks for stopping by!


The Mrs. said...

you. are. not. alone.

my children are driving me insane. And then i feel like a moron for adding one more to the bunch. I dont know what it is, they go from fighting to bouncing off the walls to smart asses in the blink of an eye.

Aubrey Anne said...

Today is the SAME way for me. I am DONE dealing with the kids!!! My husband comes home somewhere between Midnight and 3 am every night, so they never see their dad either (not the same as deployment, I know). I am completely fed up with dealing all by myself with all their attitude!!! Not to mention we live in the tiniest little apartment known to man, with absolutely no where to go outside and run around... Anyway, I'm SHOCKED and amazed that you've lasted THIS long!!! You're amazing!

Anonymous said...

You would be surprised how creative kids can be with a box, and some paint, and ask them to make a present for daddy when he gets home..... have lots of crafty stuff, crayons, and make sure you put down a sheet or something cause clean up isn't going to be pretty..... good luck it could take them days to finish their masterpiece. Let me know if it works for you!!!

Joanne :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there!! Put them in time out with no games or videos, that usually works! Don't give up, soon they will be grown and married! I know its hard to believe but its true.