Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So my lovely husband has been pestering me to get on the waiting list for a 4 bedroom house( which we desperately need) but I have been avoiding his pleas to have me actually get the ball rolling.

Why you ask?

I didn't want to move away from our great best friends next door. yeah. that's right...the same ones who are ya know, moving in a few months. That's right. I would be fine with NO STORAGE and me and hubby sharing a room with the Princess in order to stay with them! LOL. If that's not love I don't know what is!

SO----i went down to the housing office( after I returned some library book and had Wendy's for lunch with the kids in tow...gotta love deployments and summer break coinciding at the same time!) and got us on the wait list for a 4 bdrm.
2-4 month wait time.
Hopefully I can get into one before my love comes home so we can be all settled in and he doesn't have to come home to us about to move!

Also I finally got a new dishwasher put in!!!!!!!!! It white(compared to my old one which was black) so it matches my white sheer linen curtains with yellow flowers just marvelously!
I'm wayyy excited to see if this one actually works! Tonight we will know the answer to that! :)

Anyways, that's hopefully all that I will have to chat about today!Hope you all have a fabolous rest of your Wednesday!


The Mrs. said...

ooooh I hope you get your bigger house soon! and get settled before hubs comes home. It'd be awfully nice to come home to a home!

Aubrey Anne said...

Wow, moving all alone with no husband and 3 kids???? You are BRAVE!! It will be so nice to have a bigger space though! You guys are so lucky to get the space. Just think of your friend Aubrey in her 2 bedroom tiny apartment with 3 kids and a husband and it'll make you feel better about the move! :)

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Do you guys live on post? Or is that where you trying to end up? Gotta love a dishwasher that works!